There are different types of reactions for different kinds of emotions, but we Filipinos are just so different. One emotion can have different types of reactions and can be differentiated into a lot of types. Like for example, feeling giddy or “kilig”(in Tagalog) can be expressed in different ways.

According to our research Boys and Girls react differently when they feel giddy, so how does that look like? The Bombers Core team sought the help of the Rizalians in making this article.  Scroll down and see where you belong!


If you have that one friend that goes crazy everytime bae passes by, then you belong to this type! These type of people don’t care whether they’d have their hair all tangled up because of too much kilig or if they may fall off the stairs because of too much excitement, plus they also don’t care whether there are other people looking. The Hystericals’ do not know where they would contain their happiness so they just let it all out. The tendency is, other people might think they’re crazy. So guys sometimes you gotta keep it to yourself HAHAHA!

Common line:

Girls – “OMG bes, andyan na sya, OMG OMG OMG, AAAHHH!!!” *repeat then faint

Boys – “Dude dumaan siya, kinindatan ata ako, dude! Dude!” *repeat then gulong



I don’t think this is pretty hard to understand, the term itself is kinda literal HAHAHA! These type of people are the ones that don’t need any gym equipment just to get ready for a WBO match, all they need is bae and a friend to be a punching bag.

Common line:

Girls – *squeals then punches nearest friend

Boys – *inaudible, only punching noises


Bae makes us do a lot of crazy stuff but this type sure knows how to keep it. The Silent One will never squeal, scream or dance whenever they feel giddy, because duh, they’re silent (LOL XD). They just smile on the side so that bae wouldn’t notice.

Common line:

Girls & Boys – *doesn’t say anything


These are the type of people who would do cutesy stuff just so bae would notice them. When Pabebes are kinikilig, they usually don’t squeal but they would do papogi or paganda so when bae looks at them they’re ready for that once in a lifetime opportunity of having a super kilig eye-to-eye moment J

Common line:

Girls – “Enebe besh, weg nge keye! Enebe kenekeleg eke eh…”

Boys – “Bro wag nga kayo, ano bay an oh, wag kayong magulo titignan niya rin ako    bro…”


When bae becomes an energy drink for you, so you pop, dance, jump, run and do all sorts of stuff – then yes you belong to this bunch! Bae is someone that makes the Pure Energy’s spirit go wild that it fills their energy meter to the highest *sighs*. It just feels so good  when bae’s around.

Common line:

Girls – *Fifth Harmony music playing, dances off beat

Boys – *Naruto mode on