Angelou Lauresta, AB English

Due to the fast innovation and fast growth of the technology in this century there are some things that we often use back then that improves or lessen the essence of that particular thing, and the effect of those things to the younger generation. Books is one of those things. Books has a great impact when it comes to the education of the students, books are books in terms of its importance, usage and effect in each person’s knowledge. Nowadays, online books or the electronic books (E-books) have emerged because of its accessibility to the Internet (International Network). There are some advantages and disadvantages this changes may have appeared to its users and to the generation. How did this innovation might affect the use of the books? Is it time to let go the traditional books?  As a student what we should promote, books or the electronic books?

Books and Electronic books are both sources of information, gives entertainment and serve as a reference to us. “Traditional books” are the books that are printed in sheets of paper and it has a cover. It is commonly found in the libraries, bookstore and etc. while the “Electronic-books” or E-books are books that are available when you downloaded a copy from the Internet. These two kinds of books has advantages and disadvantages here are some of them:


“Traditional Books” or Books



  1. You only focuses on reading!

            Books are intended for reading because they are books. What is the sense of reading if we don’t use books most especially to students learning their lessons in school. If we use books our attention will only focus on reading, not in different unessential things like we do when we use our gadgets.

  1. Young generations will appreciate going to the Libraries.

            Generations nowadays don’t see the importance of going to libraries and make some research for their homework and projects. They always think that what the use of “Google?” It’s always fun to go to the libraries and do some reading and researching with your friends.

  1. Printed books are healthier to use.

            We are aware that too much use of our gadgets might affect our health. Some kids at a very young age suffer from poor eyesight. Books are good for our health, because it doesn’t have “Radiation” (Radio Frequency Exposure) unlike when we use our gadgets.


  1. Costly.

            It is really true that books are costly than E-books. We can save more if we have our gadgets and just download an e-book.

  1. Trees are cut to produce books.

Thousands of trees are being cut just to produce books because as we all know books are made of papers, and papers are made out of trees. So if we really want to save our environment and to protect lots of trees, we should patronize e-books.

  1. Books are more prone to damage.

            Books are tangible and if we use them often with no care they are prone to damages. The tendency is to buy a new book!


“Electronic-books” or E-books



  1. Many books are in one device.

            E-books are like your personal library stuck in one device. You can have many books as you want and also, you can bring many books without struggle because your books are just saved on your devices.

  1. Accessibility of the available e-books.

            It is very easy to find an e-book on the Internet. Just type the topic of the book you want to have and many options will appear. Unlike going to libraries, there are books of your choice that seems not available because other people have borrowed it.




  1. You are more likely to do cut and paste.

            E-books are soft-copied books, it is easy to copy information, and print and you have your assignment without reading the passage or the text. Plagiarism is a serious crime so beware of copying those information if you don’t want to be in jail.

  1. You might divert from scrolling and clicking than reading.

            We are using our phones, tablets and computers when reading E-books so we are more likely to open our Social Media accounts and other stuff than to read E-books.

As a Rizalian we should be adaptive to the advancement of books. Whether its books or e-books we must read. Read and read because in reading we can improve our knowledge, learn new things, explore places and every page will enhance our knowledge and imagination.