Alvie Chen Saldana, BSBA Marketing

Everyone loves to beat the heat, but the long summer is fast drawing to a close and it’s time to prepare for the first day of school. I can share to you my experiences for froshies week and beyond, helping to ensure you start your university career as you mean to go on. These are some tips as you go on and find out how to live like a RIZALIAN.

Tip #1 Roam around the campus


On your first day, you must know everything about the University—where to eat, what to eat,  where to spend your time, what’s the nearest mall, and last but not the least, to remember the names of the facilities of the school for you to not look like a fool finding “TBA” ( To be Announced)

Tip #2 Be polite and approachable with your friends and classmates.


This tip is for you to build connections and networks. But be careful in choosing your friends because some are good, some are nice, but most of them are “Plastic”. Always keep your mind open and avoid your brain from being dominated by your selfish emotions. BE PRACTICAL.

Tip #3 Share your own thoughts


During discussions, do not be afraid of giving thoughts and ideas when your professors ask questions. Remember that there are no wrong answers as long as it is still connected to the topic.



Always keep in mind that once you read academic books it will help you lighten up your knowledge, vocabulary, and insights. If you have time, you can read books in the university library.

Tip #5 The Life of a Student with Extracurricular Activities

There are lots of people that will say “Your college life will not be completed if you didn’t join any student organization.” I agree with their opinion because being part of different student organizations is like you’re already seeing your life after college. This will help you grow your leadership skills, learn time management and practice the life in the corporate world.