Norman Clent E.Garcia, BSBA Marketing

Are you looking for an application that can organize your notes ,other school related items like photos & To-do list. The Evernote app is an app that will help you organize your schooling stuff properly. Students have a hard time remembering where did they  put their school files like notes,photos, and To-Do list.

1.jpgEvernote is a cross-platform, freemium app  designed for note-taking ,organizing and archiving. It is developed by Evernote Corporation  on June 24, 2008, an independent privately held company located in Redwood city California. Inside the app you can find different features like camera, attachments, audio, reminder, handwriting, and text note to help students.




Evernote App Features

  • The camera Gives Good Quality of pictures
  • But the camera depends on what unit is used
  • Attachment is easily to use just tap it and choose your file to attach
  • It needs to connect to google drive
  • Audio you can record your voice & discussion in the class
  • The volume of the audio is very weak
  • For the handwriting feature, you can write your list
  • It is difficult to use when the phone size is small
  • The reminder features,works throught ringing functions
  • The reminder feature does not repeat it’s memo when it rings
  • The text note has it’s function on giving you features like attachments,pictures and share options
  • In the share options feature of the text note sometimes it does not share notes because of poor internet connections & suddenly closes



I have been using the evernote for the past for days and I have been pleased with the app’s features , it help me organized my school stuff ,I took photos with ease .I was able to  write on the handwriting,record my  class discussions and take notes using text notes

I will recommend to my friends for them to enjoy the evernote app.