Rebekah Ilo, AB English

If we were to ask students to describe the Rizalian in a metaphor, we would be likely buried in tons of answers. Most would describe themselves as an animal, more likely a night owl, or busy bees. Only awake at night. The sleepless students with giant eye bags, loaded with work. For the cheesier students, they’d compare each core value with a certain object (don’t lie, we’ve done that before). But if I were to use metaphorical language. I’d describe the different types of Rizalians  with certain things, things that would make them go like “Oh! That’s so me!”


photo credit: Vectorstock

Several students here, I can tell they are like raccoons. They have dark circles around their eyes, eats junk, and stays up all night, like the eponymous animal. While the other, are zombies. They’re so washed out, all they could do is make pained noises and shuffle around the campus lounge, often looking out into the empty space.


photo credit to: Shuttershock

The student body is also littered with what I call diesels. Because like diesel gas, it takes a time for them to warm up and live up to their talents and skills. Then, there are the flower buds. Common among the freshies, they are the ones with untold potential, they’ll bloom at the right time. And then there are the seeds, bury them in the ground, (or homework, maybe a ton of heavy schoolwork) they’ll sprout up, and turn into better versions of themselves. The pros, the ones you typically see in organizations and has a position of leadership, whether president, vice-president or second-in- command. They’re either at a turning point of their lives, where their leadership skills manifesting early on.


There’s the breezies, (no, I’m not the using the commonly used term of breezy, the smooth playboys who try to cop a feel) because passing classes for them is a breeze. They don’t review, just a quick peek into their notes right before examination. They most likely played DOTA or just surfed the net the night before finals, but somehow they still get grades higher than your stoner blockmate.


 And then there’s the ants, the hard workers, the ones that toils and in the end, it pays off. These dudes either turn into the Summa or Magna Cum Laude, or maybe the scholars. Can be both though. There’s also the, the sloth, you all know this guy. He goes to class with a panda ballpen and a Cattleya notebook filler all in a fake Nike body bag. His favorite lines would be “Pare, may assignment ka? Pwede pakopya?” (Dude, do you have homework? Can I copy?) There’s the ghosts, the blockmate (or mates) who’s always absent.


There are several stuff that you can compare to the vast amount of students, granted, they’re not exclusive to JRU. But you’ll see them everywhere here, from the classroom, to the canteen. Meeting these people is an integral part of being a student. And whatever metaphors or idiomatic expressions we use for them, the traits of these certain people stay the same.