Kim Tristan R. Padilla, AB English

1972 was the last year that the JRU Heavy Bombers held the championship title from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). After, the JRU Heavy Bombers experienced the longest championship drought in the history of NCAA, 43 played seasons without winning the championship title. Though thirsting for the championship title for so long the bombers are still greatly motivated on winning the championship this coming Season 93 of the NCAA.


Photo Credits: JRU Fun Shots

The JRU Heavy Bombers is currently facing a tough transition because most of its veteran players graduated these past seasons. Despite having more rookies than veterans the Heavy Bombers are still dropping bombs to their competitors and still aiming to win the championship.


Photo Credits: JRU Fun Shots

Many of the students are not confident that the JRU Heavy Bombers can win the much awaited championship any time soon because of various reasons; some says that the Heavy Bombers are still young and needs to work on their defensive and offensive plays; some thinks that they need to work on their consistency in every game, and for some, JRU’s opponents like San Beda Red Lions, Arellano Chiefs, and Mapua Cardinals have far better teamwork than JRU Heavy Bombers. Despite of many disbelievers the JRU Heavy Bombers and some JRU students still thinks positively and hopes that our team can and will win the championship this coming Season 93 of the NCAA.


Photo Credits: JRU Fun Shots

 The Bombers are now headed by their Captain Ball, Gio Lasquety. Gio Lasquety is one of the veteran players of JRU Heavy Bombers and he is now at his last year as a student and an athlete of Jose Rizal University. According to Lasquety he can see great potential in their team. He said, their strength now is that they don’t just rely on their star players, Teytey Teodoro or Paulo Pontejos to make a score and that everyone on the team is now more open and confident in sharing the ball and making a shot. Lasquety also said that the team still needs to improve on their attitude in every game. It does not matter if the opposing team is weak or strong they should always give their best in every game because they are not just playing for themselves, they are also playing for the school.  These are the Captain Ball’s insights on where the team is good at and on what does the team needs to work on.


The JRU’s own version of the SPLASH BROTHERS has come to an end with the graduation of Paolo Pontejos, one of the stars that build the JRU’s Splash Brother’s tandem. Teytey Teodoro was given a lot of attention for being the other player of the said tandem, a star player of the heavy bombers, and one of the top scorers of the team. He is being expected to be one of the players who can and will carry their team to the top. With the team’s continuous improvement and Teytey’s amazing skills,   I can now predict that the JRU HEAVY BOMBERS can finally grab their Golden Dream.


Photo Credits: JRU Fun Shots

Rizalians have been waiting for 43 Seasons, hoping to snatch back the championship, but no one is more eager to win this year’s championship than the team’s Captain Ball himself, Gio Lasquety. As the Captain Ball who is spending his last year in JRU Bombers I interviewed him on his views on whether the Bombers will win the championship on his last year, he answered “Oo naman!”, “Syempre sa lahat ng binigay nila sakin, gusto ko naman maibigay sakanila yung matagal na nating iniintay, yung championship.” Through the continuous perseverance and hard work of the team, Every Rizalian can say that “The thirst has been quenched.”